The Versatile Vest

Vests can be excellent mix-and-match wardrobe pieces. Rather than limiting their use to the three-piece suit, use vests as coordinating pieces for sport coats and trousers. Consider having vests personalized to your taste-lapels, pockets, fabric, and fit can all be custom-crafted to create timeless pieces that will give you extra options with your existing shirts, trousers, and coats.


Traditionally, vests are made of the same fabric as a jacket or trousers. They can also draw on contrasting colors, or simply use a base color from the jacket or trousers. When creating combinations, keep fabric choices (tweed, silk, cotton, wool) similar enough to avoid an awkward pairing.

After-Hours Style

Looking your best doesn’t end with Friday rush-hour traffic. Even when you’re not working, your clothing choices reflect the same sense of personal style and confidence that makes your business attire remarkable. Whether you’re enjoying a dinner party or a night out with the guys, your casual-wear wardrobe sets the tone.

  • Dress for the venue-A downtown hotspot requires a little more glam than video night at your best friend’s place.
  • Avoid baggy or too-tight items-Your clothing should fit well, and offer just enough room to move comfortably.
  • Choose dark blue jeans (not light or black)-Avoid extraneous embellishment or faded areas.
  • Step it up from tees-A well-tailored shirt shows off your unique style.
  • Shoes still matter-Scuffed, faded shoes take away from any look.
  • Limit your ensemble to two or three colors-Any more than that looks garish.
  • When in doubt, go black and white-Nothing beats that timeless contrast.

When your business clothing is supplemented with stylish mix-and-match casual wear, you can dress elegantly for any occasion.